Ben Kay | Airport transfer

ben_kayPeople will begin to talk – we chauffeured Ben Kay again this weekend, this time for the Italy versus Scotland rugby match, held at  The Stadio Olimpico.

stadio_olimpicoAn impressive venue, The Stadio Olimpico was originally built to serve as the centrepiece of the Foro Italia sports complex, a project initiated by the regime of Mussolini. Construction began in 1928 and a first tier had been finished in 1932. Works on the second tier were halted though due to the outbreak of the Second World War and were only resumed in December 1950.

Stadio Olimpico officially opened on the 17th of May 1953 with a match between the national teams of Italy and Hungary. Capacity amounted to 100,000 at that time, which constituted mainly of terraces.

Stadio Olimpico served as the centrepiece stadium for the 1960 Olympics, and for this all terraces got converted into seats, resulting in a capacity of 53,000 seats. During the Games, the stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the athletics competitions.



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