Jennie Jacques | Pride of Coventry Awards 2016

jennie_jacques_wpc_56pride_of_coventry_awards_2016Yesterday evening our Director, Paul, chauffeured the lovely, stunning, Coventry born actress Jennie Jacques (WPC 56, The Vikings, The Delivery Man, Desperate Romantics) to the The Pride of Coventry and Warwickshire Awards.

The Pride of Coventry and Warwickshire Awards are to celebrate the courage, caring and compassion of remarkable people who make a difference – those who are the real pride of Coventry and Warwickshire.

The event was hosted by television presenter Emma Jesson and Free Radio Breakfast DJ John Dalziel (JD).

jennie_jacquesIt was a difficult job, but someone had to do it…

If you love horror movies, watch Jennie as the lead character in the excellent Indie horror short film The Other Side, *(Rated 18 for horror content*) by the Santoro Brothers.  (Starring Jennie Jacques, Nick Moran and Amelia Warner). The debut short film won a Platinum Award at the WorldFest Huston Film Festival.

Don’t watch it alone late at night…

Juice PLUS+ | Heathrow airport transfers too!

juice_plus_logo_lgeJuice PLUS+ is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables!

The clever people behind Juice PLUS+ have concentrated the best parts of 30 types of fruits, vegetables and berries in capsule form.

Our client, the lovely Gaby Coppola, is the Events Co-ordinator at Juice PLUS+. We were tasked with chauffeuring many of the visitors to and from her event, including Heathrow airport, Birmingham airport and the luxurious 4 star Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham.


Ben Kay | Airport transfer

ben_kayPeople will begin to talk – we chauffeured Ben Kay again this weekend, this time for the Italy versus Scotland rugby match, held at  The Stadio Olimpico.

stadio_olimpicoAn impressive venue, The Stadio Olimpico was originally built to serve as the centrepiece of the Foro Italia sports complex, a project initiated by the regime of Mussolini. Construction began in 1928 and a first tier had been finished in 1932. Works on the second tier were halted though due to the outbreak of the Second World War and were only resumed in December 1950.

Stadio Olimpico officially opened on the 17th of May 1953 with a match between the national teams of Italy and Hungary. Capacity amounted to 100,000 at that time, which constituted mainly of terraces.

Stadio Olimpico served as the centrepiece stadium for the 1960 Olympics, and for this all terraces got converted into seats, resulting in a capacity of 53,000 seats. During the Games, the stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the athletics competitions.



Good Charlotte | Benji Madden

good_charlotteAlso on Saturday, we chauffeured Benji, the guitarist for the excellent band Good Charlotte (and his wife) to the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, for a round of their UK tour.

Benji Madden is a talented vocalist, songwriter and producer. (Benji and his brother Joel manage Jessie J). He’s also married to the delightful and undeniably gorgeous Cameron Diaz.

Paul, our director was unusually speechless, (although he did mention how lovely and down to earth she was)…

Cameron Diaz

Rugby | 6 Nations, Wales vs. Scotland

Saturday, we chauffeured two of our clients to the Wales versus Scotland 6 Nations rugby match, which resulted in a narrow Welsh victory over the Scots, 27-23.

We also drove Ben Kay to Heathrow, (airport transfer) to board a plane to Rome, to commentate on the England match.



Jimmy Hill | Memorial Service

In memoriam Jimmy HillLast Friday we were honoured to chauffeur Lord Kirkham, to Coventry, for the memorial service of Jimmy Hill. Most of our team grew up watching Jimmy present Match of the Day on television.

He played for Fulham in the 1950’s and was mainly responsible for abolishing the £20 maximum wage – his Fulham team mate opened his pay packet to discover he had become Englands first £100 per week footballer!

As a broadcaster he introduced the slow-motion replays and panels of expert former players that defined television’s current analytical approach to football.

Jimmy Hill died at the age of 87 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimers disease.